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How to Increase Her Sexual Desire For You - 3 Tactics You Can Use Immediately

One of the key elements of good dating game is building sexual energy. A guy who can't create sexual energy has little to no chance of scoring numbers or going home with girls the same night.

The thing is, without this energy, a woman doesn't feel any connection to a guy. So here's the secret to creating powerful sexual energy through conversation. Keep reading...

How To Increase Her Sexual Desire For You - 3 Tactics You Can Use Immediately!

Tactic #1: "The Sensual Stare". This is a great technique. Really - just try it once or twice and you'll see why it's so awesome!

When you are talking to a girl, start focusing on just one of her eyes. Then, move your gaze down toward her mouth, then toward her other eye. This let's her know subconsciously that you want to kiss her. Kissing inevitably leads to close touching, which leads to... exactly where you want to go.

Tactic #2: "Learn to Tease". This is a surefire way to build up some sexual energy in a conversation. It works great on women who you've only just met

To be successful at teasing, it has to be done playfully and focused on her actions alone. Making fun of her appearance makes you looks like a jerk and ruins your chances. Teasing creates feelings of frustration in a woman. This then translates into sexual anticipation between you and her.

Tactic #3: "Be Masculine". You're a man, right? So why are you acting ashamed of it? So many men feel they must mask their intentions when around girls. Ironically, by doing so they only come off as being creepier than they normally would.

Don't feel bad about having manly desires. Actually, you should channel this sexual energy and use it in conversations. Let it show in the way you talk and the way you move.

One surefire way to nail this down is to use this technique called fractionation. Adapted from hypnosis, this is a technique which is known to be able to make women fall in love rather quickly - in 15 minutes or even less. It's mighty powerful - so please use it ethically if you must at all.

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