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5 Inexpensive and Meaningful Anniversary Gift Ideas

Celebrating an anniversary is a meaningful date to many couples, as it is a reminder of how long they've been together and how far they've developed since first meeting.

It is customary for many to give each other gifts on an anniversary date to show how special the other person and the relationship is to them. Below are five fantastic inexpensive romantic gifts you can give to your partner when celebrating how many years you've been together.

1. Photo Album: Photos of the two of you together and things you have done since you started dating can be a great reminder of how happy you have both been since being a part of each others' lives. You can arrange them in a special album or scrapbook or collage them together in a special frame.

2. First Date Gift Basket: This one will certainly bring a smile to your partner's face and is easy to make. Basically you'll create a gift basket that has everything in it related to your first date together. For example, if your first date was at a coffee shop, you might include a cute coffee mug, their favorite coffee flavors, some special snacks, and maybe even a CD of music you remember hearing that day.

3. This Day in History: This is a cute gift to make or have custom ordered. You can find out the history of any day online and find out things such as top billboard chart songs, top movies, historical events and more. Including your anniversary to the list of different things will be an interesting thing for your partner to learn about and it can be framed or placed in a scrapbook.

4. A Love Story: You and your partner likely have a very unique love story and putting it together in a book can be a great way to preserve the memories for many years to come. You can write it yourself or use many of the templates available online.

5. Memory Box: As a couple it is likely you have collected a lot of memories over the years you've been together. Things such as ticket stubs, matchbooks, or other odds and ends can all be examples of things you may put in a memory box. Anything that reminds you of something you and your partner have done or been through together can be a great thing for a memory box and a special gift he or she can open and look at any time and be reminded of how great it is being together.

The best anniversary gifts do not have to cost a lot of money or be extravagant. Many times simple and inexpensive things such as the ideas above can be more meaningful and appreciated.

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